Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Writing with

When you want to earn money online, there are ways that will actually work. There are sites that you can site up for and actually obtain clients and they appreciate your work. You are able to be hired in small projects and large projects. You can get temporary jobs as well as permanent jobs. You just need to look around and find a job that suites you. There are so many jobs available and not enough freelancers to write.

One of my favorite sites is They do have a small fee. It is reasonable though. It helps maintain the site and things of that nature. Also, this is a legit site that involves taxes. You will be required to fill out a w9. You will have you w9 mailed to you close to having to file for you federal taxes. (Remember, writing online with this site is a genuine job. Which means your; Internet, electric, etc is tax deductible. Keep receipts for tax time to utilize this. I recommend HR Block. They are the best!)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! :)

Would You Like to Make Money Writing Online? (Freelancer)

I have found that making money online can be very difficult. There are many schemes that will try to lure you in. Do not believe everything that you read. When you are asked to pay for something for an opportunity to work, it is in fact a SCAM. They will ask for your email and ask for your credit card number. DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. There are ways to make money online.

If you are first starting out with writing online you can fall victim of these such things. I know that you are passionate about writing, do not waste your time. Here is a site where you can obtain clients for writing. It is fully functional and all you need is an email account that is tied to a PayPal account. You will be making money online in no time!

I use this site as one of my many ways I earn my income. I am a stay at home mother and am able to take care of the kids and the house while working on my writing career. If you think that I am lying like everyone else, think again. One of the jobs that I have gotten through one of these sites is a columnist job. I am paid to give my opinion on different celebrity issues in the media. I was told to be harsh and honest. Easy. ;) You can view my columns by going to... My writing name is Heather (Heather Stram) Feel free to take a look so you know that I am being honest about this. I do make money online.

As far as in concerned. Make sure that you put together an online portfolio before you bid on jobs. The profile on the site is not as important as references. My suggestion would be look up what seo is and read it thoroughly. Then write a few samples on different subjects to use for work samples. Put them on your online portfolio and there ya go!

NEVER, I repeat NEVER give out more information than you are supposed to to ANY site or ANY one on the Internet. Just your portfolio address, your email that is linked to PayPal (it is safe to do this), and only your name. Nothing else should ever be given!

To answer the question about the site being free. It depends on how the business is conducted. If the employer pays you outside of then yes. You will only have to pay the PayPal fee of receiving money, which is small. There are fees that you are responsible for if the "Project" is accepted through the site itself. If you accept this in the site, your account will go into the negative which you will have to pay. If you do not pay this, your account will be suspended. The fees are small but most of the time the Client will do business outside of the site. (Directly through your email.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am writing these posts to help! :) Happy Writing!